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Is Hooping for Me?

Feel empowered, feel strong

At Hoop Aerobics we want to empower you to enjoy moving your body and finding the right kind of exercise for you. Everyone is different, and what works for one person may not be the same for the next. That's why our classes are open to all shapes, sizes and abilities - so you can find the right kind of exercise and fitness routine for you.


No one should feel like they don't fit in - that's why everyone is welcome in our classes! No hoop experience needed.


At Hoop Aerobics, you don't have to be super co-ordinated, all you need is an open mind and the willingness to give it a try. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can pick up the moves and start feeling the benefits of toning up and having fun.


So don't ever think that Hula Hooping isn't right for you - it could be what you have been looking for! 


Come along to one of our classes and see for yourself - you won't regret it!

Hula hoop instructor
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