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Are you ready to take your fitness career to new heights and share the magic of hula hooping with the world? Do you have a passion for helping others on their fitness journeys and making exercise an absolute blast?

Are you eager to inspire people to take charge of their health and show them that fitness can be fun and accessible for everyone?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we want YOU to join our team at Hoop Aerobics! As a member of our team, you'll have the opportunity to spread joy, positivity, and fitness wherever you go.

Imagine delivering a creative, feel-good workout experience that's unlike anything your clients have ever tried before. With hula hoop fitness, you'll be offering a fun and effective alternative to traditional gym workouts, making exercise enjoyable for both gym enthusiasts and those who prefer to skip the gym altogether.

And the best part? You'll be making a real difference in people's lives. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing the smiles on your clients' faces as they discover the joy of hooping, get stronger, fitter, and feel absolutely fabulous.

So if you're ready to turn your passion for fitness into a fulfilling career that you love, then don't wait any longer – join our team today and let's spread fun and fitness together! With hula hoop fitness, the possibilities are endless, and the impact is immeasurable. Let's hoop to it!





Minimum Level 2 fitness qualification if you are a fitness professional


Holds a Group Class Instructor qual or relevant Hula Hoop Teacher training qualification


Can demonstrate experience of Hula Hooping equivalent to 5 or more Hula Aerobics classes or similar attendance to another Hula Hoop course/class


Please note, if you intend on teaching in a gym setting they may require you to have a Level 2 qualification in fitness. To teach in your own venue this is not necessary but the more knowledge you have about the anatomy is always a good quality for teaching.


Once you have passed the course you will have the chance to sign up for our Hula Aerobics license so that you can go forth and get started on building your classes and gaining an income.

Hoop Aerobics Instructor Training  £190

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the training delivered?

Our Instructor Training is offered online with pre-recorded units to study from home, as well a virtual one to one session with a master trainer. During the course (you have one month to complete it), you will practice Hoop Aerobics master routines and key hoop moves with personalised feedback. To receive a Certificate of Achievement, you must submit two recorded hula hoop routines with ques for assessment upon completion of the program.

How do I pass the training course?

To pass the Hoop Aerobics Instructor course you will need to demonstrate an understanding of the course content. This includes safe and effective teaching techniques that can accommodate various levels of fitness, knowledge of the Hoop Aerobics class model, and the ability to utilise different Hoop Aerobics techniques. There will one virtual meeting where we go over some of the course content so that you understand the structure of the classes. This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you need answering. Upon completion of the instructor course, you will submit a 10-minute video featuring one On-Hoop choreographed routine and one Off-body choreographed routine which will determine if you have passed or been referred. If a referral is given, another video assessment must be submitted before certification is granted. Guidance and advice will be provided for re-submission of the assessment so please don't be worrying about that. I know you can do this!!!!

What happens when I pass the training course

Once you have passed your assessment, we will send you a digitial Certficate of Achievement for you to keep, woop woop!! We will send an invitation to become an official Hoop Aerobics Licensee, and details of how to purchase your license and join our Hoop Membership. Please note, only those licensed by our company have the right to teach official Hoop Aerobics® classes, use the Trademarks and use our advertising materials, intellectual property & content.

Do I need insurance to teach?

Yes, you will need public liability insurance. In our Hoop Aerobics training course there are links to providers that will be able to help you.

What are the costs once I am a certified Hoop Aerobics Instructor?

Once you are qualified you will need a license £131.88, you will need around 10 Hula hoops £250, links are provided in the training and discounts to our Hoop Aerobics Hula Hoops are available. You will also need a music license, fitmixpro for music downloads, thiscan vary on how many downloads you choose per month and public liability (around £80 per year).

Do I need a music license to teach Hoop Aerobics?

Unless your venue already has the required authorisation, you'll usually need a music license since we feature original artists' music rather than covers or royalty-free tunes. Popular music and entertaining playlists are a highlight of our courses; further information on music licensing is included in the instructor training.

What does the licence fee cover?

With a subscription to our Hoop Aerobics Instructor Membership at £10.99 monthly/£131.88 annually, you can become an official Hoop Aerobics licensee. The licence will grant you the authority to launch and instruct an infinite amount of Hoop Aerobics classes globally. Moreover, each month you will be sent 4 new Hoop routines, playlist ideas, new hoop games and marketing material all to help ensure successful Hoop Aerobics classes.

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